• Rules are subject to change via staff discretion. That said, any changes will be documented in #server-news. So, check that out regularly or get the server news role to stay updated!
  • Rules apply to everything, voice chat, emotes, statuses, profile pictures, and nicknames. All of these are subject to staff discretion and will warrant punishment if something is deemed a violation.
  • Any violation of Discord or Bungie ToS is not allowed, we do not know what you have done or have installed on your computer, but if we find out anything, we’ll have to take action.
  • Our moderators act at their own discretion to uphold the values of D2S, non-toxicity, inclusivity, and kindness.

1. Mics are not and will never be a requirement.

2. Be kind to your fellow Guardians. It’s very easy to get frustrated with somebody who may or may not know how to do certain things. This server is a place where people with disabilities, mental issues, and/or just general problems in life should feel welcome.

3. Discrimination of ANY sort is not allowed. In addition to disabilities and anxiety, this means sex, race, religion, etc. People are people. Furthermore, discussion/content of politics, religion or anything remotely NSFW is not allowed. These are inherently argumentative and controversial topics we do not wish to have in here.

4. Keep channel discussions on topic and do not derail or otherwise interrupt and on-going on-topic discussion with off-topic content.

5. High-intensity spam, I.E. flooding chat with emotes or text, is not tolerated. Hype may be hype, but please control yourself. We also discourage shitposting in our channels. Our interpretation of shitposting consists of very “meme-y” messages that lack a semi-serious tone, or could possibly drag the channel into off-topic conversations, or circlejerk type messages (shitposting is much more relaxed in our memes-sfw channel).

6. Do not dox. Respect personal matters and privacy, and always ask for permission before you do anything. If someone decides to share a photo, name, or other personal information, you are expected to act with kindness, respect, and discretion.

7. Make sure to follow our Raid Etiquette as well.

8. No advertising of any form without prior admin consent. Advertising includes websites, services, links, and more. Please message @Toland#6153, for Admin approval.

9. Do not evade staff or punishments. Such action can result in harsher punishments.

10. Explaining or showing how to perform an exploit or hack is prohibited. Joining ally checkpoints would not be prohibited in this, but net-limiting, kill farms, item bugs/glitches, and such similar exploits are not tolerated. Cheese strats are not included in this rule.

11. Rules for Spoilers:

  • #d2-spoilers is relegated for new seasonal or weekly content 48 hours after discussion.
  • Story content, such as weekly seasonal cutscenes, are to be contained here for 12 hours instead.
  • No shitposting or NSFW. As funny as it is to laugh at fake leaks, attempting to pass off unconfirmed things as factual leaks and such will be met with punishment in line with our ‘no baiting’ rule.
  • All datamined content belongs in #d2-spoilers, you will recive a warning for discussing it elsewhere.
  • Spoiler images in #d2-spoilers and be descriptive of what things are. There are layers of spoilers that people want to experience.

12. When LFG’ing, do not use pings unless you are lf1m or lf2m.

13. Always check the pins.

14. This is an English only community, so please keep your communications within the Discord server in English. This applies to both voice chats and text chats. Don’t be afraid to express your culture, though! Clear communication is a must, but we will always welcome different nationalities, cultures, and related topics.

15. Witch-hunting is not allowed. This includes publicly shaming, posting or calling out stats, with or without the users name included.

16. Do not impersonate users, especially staff members or Sherpas, as it can cause confusion for other members in the server.

17. Do not try to find loopholes in the rules. Loopholes include stretching the rules or ignoring moderators’ instructions.


18. Mute and Ban evasion is not allowed, if you create a secondary account to evade either, you will be met with harsher punishment.

19. To add to the previous rule, any form of trading and selling/buying goods and services is not permitted. Any discussion inside Modmail (@Toland#6153) is not up for negotiation.

20. No baiting. Baiting users means being annoying or disruptive on purpose, and/or trying to bait other members into breaking the rules. This will result in you getting warned/banned. Even if intended as a joke, please do not.

21. Do not use @Zira#9472 or @Toland#6153 to make jokes.

<Modmail: Important to know!>

  • We have a bot named Toland! He’s our ModMail Bot. Direct Message (DM) him to speak directly to the Moderation team.
  • We prefer you DM him than ask the staff in chat or DMs for questions or issues.
  • It is entirely private, and only we (the Staff) can see. We promise to respect your privacy!

“How do I get to Toland?”

  • He’s on the top right of the server!