IMPORTANT: For Crossplay players, Discord voice chat is highly recommended as an universal form of communication between players from different platforms. Joining a Discord voice chat will provide you with a text channel to communicate with your team if you cannot or prefer not to use voice. Please utilize Discord if you are a console player playing with PC players.

1. Mics are NEVER required, nor can they be preferred.

2. D2Sanctuary Server Rules still apply in-game, and you are expected to have read them. Please refer to the #rules page/channel.

3. Respect Sherpas and their authority to teach, regardless of if they are an official D2Sanctuary sherpa, or simply a member teaching others. If someone is teaching new players, you must allow them to do so, even if they are not teaching you.

This means:

  • Sherpas can, and should, still do their jobs without mics. Respect their wishes regarding this.
  • No off-topic conversations during instruction/teaching.
  • Do not overtake the Sherpa’s instructions.
  • Listen to the Sherpa to ensure the strategy works.
  • However, it is within your right to mention important details if the Sherpa missed it, or it is in the heat of the moment during encounters. Just let them finish their explanation first!
  • Sherpas are ‘not on the clock’ – Please refrain from assuming they will respond to more and more pings. Please refrain from personally pinging Sherpas.
  • Raids here are not carries. Sherpas are not going to pull the brunt of the weight, they’re also here to have fun.

If you feel like a Sherpa, assigned or simply a member, is not doing a good job, please tell us by DM’ing @Toland#6153.

4. Respect the demands of the fireteam and the group. 

  • If your fireteam leader requests no voice chat, do not pressure them into joining a voice chat. Regardless, you are still free to join the voice chat with other members who wish to do so as well.
  • If your fireteam requests that you restart your game to ensure that text chat is working, please respect their demands.
  • If someone is sherpa-ing others, refer to etiquette #3 for how one should behave. 
  • If someone specifies KWTD (Know What To Do), please only join if you fit those qualifications.
  • In-game, if the fireteam majority requests a certain weapon or loadout that you have to optimize a run, please swap if possible. 
  • However, be considerate if people don’t have certain weapons. Please find substitutes for the meta options, if possible. 
  • If you do not enjoy the fireteam’s objective or mindset, it is in your every right to leave and find another. Furthermore, if a fireteam abuses this rule and uses it to be toxic, please report to @Toland#6153.

5. Streaming/recording an activity is allowed (but in order to advertise it here, please refer to #rules). The streamer/recorder must ask LFG participants if they agree to be streamed and/or recorded.
This means:

  • We ask all streamers/recorders to keep proof of consent in either screenshot or video form. There should be no doubt as to whether or not the proof is legitimate.

DISCLAIMER: Not every member who decides to stream or record is endorsed by us, and therefore we cannot control the content they produce. If you do not wish to be streamed/recorded, then it is your responsibility to disagree and report it to @Toland#6153.

6. Communicate with your team. 

This means:

  • If you have an issue, need to leave (temporarily or permanently), or anything like that, tell your fireteam! We hope to provide a community of understanding and sympathy, so if anything is up, or you need to go, or whatever, let people know.
  • Be ready to commit a certain amount of time to raid. If you know you have prior commitments and will have to leave midway through the raid, do not raid, especially if you’re the raid leader. Be courteous of other people’s time. This also means you should not leave 
  • If you need any accommodations, inform your fireteam beforehand so they are aware and can accommodate you. For example, if you are deaf, inform your team so that they know to use text chat to communicate with you.
  • Mistakes are okay!
  • If you caused a wipe by making a mistake or forgetting how the mechanics work, don’t be afraid to own up to your mistakes and ask for help. Your team will gladly give you pointers so that you don’t make the same mistake again.

7. Do not attempt to teach a raid without adequate game knowledge and raid experience.
This means:

  • Do not overestimate your own capacity. Being a sherpa and teacher requires discipline, patience, and a vast time commitment.
  • If you’re interested in doing a Sherpa run, make sure you have enough experience to properly explain the mechanics and have enough information on each encounter’s current meta.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a sherpa, check out the #sherpa-information channel, under the community category on Discord.

8. Do not sabotage your team, intentionally or repeatedly, by accident.

This means: 

  • This goes along with etiquette three and four. Don’t mess up your team’s strategy.
  • Other examples include If your team hasn’t rallied, roles haven’t been assigned, and/or the raid leader/Sherpa hasn’t finished explaining, do not start an encounter.
  • Do not goof off or throw as a joke. Do not abuse etiquette four and five to playoff intentional mistakes.
  • However, be patient with people who make honest mistakes, as long as they do their best to fix them or prevent them from happening further. We do not tolerate rage-quitting or other negative reactions to mistakes.

9. DO NOT use Raid Pings unless you are LF1M or LF2M. If you use a Raid Ping, please wait 15 minutes before pinging the same role again. This applies only to the user/team who used the ping. For example, if User A pings the VoG Ping at 6:00, User A cannot use the VoG Ping again until 6:15. However, User B can use the VoG ping during this time as they are not a member of User A’s fireteam and this is their first post.  Additionally, do not ping the raid roles if you did not make the LFG post or don’t have permission from the person who did.

10. Reaction spamming is not allowed. If someone makes a mistake, please correct them or report to @Toland#6153.

11. For PC and Crossplay players, all replies and non-LFG messages should go in #pc-raid-lounge and #crossplay-raid-lounge, respectively.

12. Once you or your fireteam posts an LFG, please wait 5 minutes before posting again. Raid Pings are exempt from this as they have their own cooldown period. Additionally, only post if you are the raid leader or have permission from them to do so.

More LFG Specific Notes:

  • If you want to form a group, state the raid you want to run, the requirements, how many people you need, any additional information about your team, and (for PC LFG) how many reactions you’re looking for. We use reactions to avoid cluttering the LFG channel with responses, and to help ensure off-server raids do not happen. 

Example of a detailed LFG post: LF5M for a KWTD DSC run with the Red Rover challenge and all void subclasses. Starts at 6 reactions.

  • Do not assume that LFG posts for VoG (or any future raids with difficulty options) are master runs. Unless specified, a VoG LFG will be a normal run. 
  • Do not have conversations in raid LFG. Keep in mind that raid LFG is an LFG channel and not a channel for casual conversations. If you have any raid topics you want to discuss, head over to #raid-discussion channel on Discord.

Our Definition of KWTD in Short:

An expectation that all raiders are fully aware of, and capable of completing, at least one or more roles per encounter in the raid that they are joining. This should extend beyond simple “ad-clear” roles. However, not all raiders learn encounters the same way – this means we will not enforce specific methods.  Simply watching or reading a guide does not qualify as KWTD.

  • It is not expected that any teaching will be done in this run, regardless of whether or not it’s being hosted by a Sherpa.